Saturday, June 12, 2010

Utah Valley Half Marathon

On June 12th, the day before I turned 32, I ran my 3rd Half Marathon. It started up in Provo Canyon and the first half was mostly down hill and the 2nd half was up University Ave ending at the Provo Mall. I ran the first half well (of course the down hill and rain helped) and faster than I normally do, which is probably why I thought I was not going to be able to run the last 3 miles but somehow I did and finished in my fasted time 2 hours and 10 minutes (ave 9.58 min mile). My brother Alan ran the FULL Marathon. I am so proud of him and his hard work. It was amazing to watch all of the marathons come in knowing how hard it was for me to just do half that (although I think 13.2 miles is still pretty good).

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Wahoo!! I survived another fun, busy year of teaching preschool. It really went by so fast. This last year I taught 2 classes of 4 & 5 year olds and had a total of 21 students. We had a great graduation/year end program at the Library. (since I don't have parents permission I'm not going to post pictures, but the kids were sure cute)! I am planning on teaching 3 classes next year, 2 - 4 year old classes and 1 -3 year old class. It really has been an awesome job and a great blessing!

Now on to our weekend, which we were all looking forward to. We went to St. George with my
parents and stayed at my Aunt Glenda & Uncle Don's house. My girls went down on Thursday evening with my parents and we came down with Sean (there was no fighting in the car!) on Friday. We swam every day! It was in the 80's or even touched 90 degrees most days and with the cool weather we have had this spring it was a nice change. Friday night we went and saw the new Shrek movie with the kids. Saturday, I got up and went jogging. Us girls went shopping while the boys went and played at the arcade. We went swimming again and that night went to a fun park close by.
Kaylee on the spinning chair

They had this cool pendulum swing

Grandma even gave it a try

Grandma & Grandpa McPheeters with the kids.

It was right after this picture that we were heading back to the car and I realized I didn't have the van key in my pocket. "Why Me?" We only have one lone key (it is not on a key chain because the attachment broke) for the van. I had put it in my pocket with my cell phone because I didn't want to carry around my purse. Well we of course started looking everywhere we had been and peeking in the windows in the van and could not find it. So we ended up calling a lock smith and he came and and opened the van, but the key was not in there (which is what I figured but I was praying it was). So that meant I must have dropped it somewhere in the park probably one of the times I took out my phone to take a picture. It was getting dark and this park was big and covered in wood chips. We ended up paying the guy to make us a new key. Heavenly Father answered our prayers- the next day when we went back to the park to look one more time & Sean found our key (Way to go Sean!!) up on a ledge. Someone must have found it and put it there. It was an awful night, but it all worked out and now we have 2 keys. Thanks to my parents for helping!
On Sunday we went to the St George Temple. Isn't it beautiful?

family picture on the stairs of the temple

Kaylee, Brynlee & Sean

We enjoyed having a picnic and getting our feet wet at the splash pad.

Family Picture at Snow Canyon.
It was beautiful and hot, and we enjoyed climbing on the rocks and sand dunes.
My Parents! Aren't they a cute couple? Thanks for making our weekend so great!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Family Pictures-Failed

We are due for a new family picture! Patrick said we should just try it on our own with our tripod, so we finally had a decent spring day so we decided to give it a try one Sunday after church. We went to Daybreak where they have some fun bridges and a lake. All was going well, the kids were enjoying being outside and walking around. However, that all changed after one picture where Kaylee said the sun was in her eyes. I tried the "close your eyes and open them on the count of 3", no success and before I knew it she was in total melt down. So we gave her
a moment or two to settle down and decided to go find a new spot for a family picture. Well there was no settling her down and I felt the eyes of everyone around us. After at least 10 minutes of still crying Patrick and I were both MAD. I tried taking her away from Patrick and the kids and I kept asking her WHY are you crying? And please STOP(this was not just a little crying-the whole park could hear her)! She gave her typical answer of "I can't". Now being a girl myself I can understand the times of needing to cry and sometimes not know why. But, it is frustrating because Kaylee has been doing this a lot lately. So after what seemed like forever, it was probably 15 minutes we decided to quit and give up on a family picture and we all went home mad and crying (she never did stop until we were home). Well here is what pictures we did get:

This is the picture where the sun was in are eyes and then it went down hill from there. We got a few more of Brynlee & Sean while we were waiting to see if we could continue.