Saturday, June 5, 2010

Family Pictures-Failed

We are due for a new family picture! Patrick said we should just try it on our own with our tripod, so we finally had a decent spring day so we decided to give it a try one Sunday after church. We went to Daybreak where they have some fun bridges and a lake. All was going well, the kids were enjoying being outside and walking around. However, that all changed after one picture where Kaylee said the sun was in her eyes. I tried the "close your eyes and open them on the count of 3", no success and before I knew it she was in total melt down. So we gave her
a moment or two to settle down and decided to go find a new spot for a family picture. Well there was no settling her down and I felt the eyes of everyone around us. After at least 10 minutes of still crying Patrick and I were both MAD. I tried taking her away from Patrick and the kids and I kept asking her WHY are you crying? And please STOP(this was not just a little crying-the whole park could hear her)! She gave her typical answer of "I can't". Now being a girl myself I can understand the times of needing to cry and sometimes not know why. But, it is frustrating because Kaylee has been doing this a lot lately. So after what seemed like forever, it was probably 15 minutes we decided to quit and give up on a family picture and we all went home mad and crying (she never did stop until we were home). Well here is what pictures we did get:

This is the picture where the sun was in are eyes and then it went down hill from there. We got a few more of Brynlee & Sean while we were waiting to see if we could continue.


Tammy said...

I hate when this happens! We never get a great family picture either because it never fails that one of my two are impossible. I think the pictures you did get are GREAT!

Anderson Family said...

This made laugh because it reminded me of Julia and Brynlee's baptism pis. The pics you did get are cute!!!

The Curtis Family said...

I love the pictures...especially the black and white one. And their dresses are adorable. I'm glad you got some pictures...and now you also have a memorable story to tell Kaylee when she gets older. :)

Mindy Blake said...

What pictures you did get were adorable. You look amazing-you are so prett! You yhave always been so photogenic! You know, Patrick is one lucky guy!