Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Off-Track Time

My girls were off track from school for 3 weeks in February. Off track is always good and bad. Bad days when there is endless messes and fighting and the chaos of 3 children home ALL day. However, there are good moments of having the kids off track as well, lazy mornings, helpers at preschool (this can also be a good or bad thing), no homework, more time to hang out together. We tried to get out of the house and do a few "fun" things together.
Sean feeding money to the dinosaur at the Utah Museum of Natural History (the museum is free the first Monday of every month)
Brynlee digging for Dinosaur bones
We went with our friends the Christensen's

We went to visit Dad at work and took the kids to see The Capitol Building

I decided to take the kids to the Circus (just the cheep version that came to town, not the big Ringling Brothers, however they still tried to nickle and dime you for everything). The kids enjoyed it for the most part and can now say they have been to the circus.

Sean & Grandma
We just watched the other kids ride the Elephant, because I'm to cheep.

Mom & Kids. There is an actual black bear behind us.

So now my kids are all back in school and back to routine. Until next time...

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