Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Sean!

How is it possible that it has been 4 year since we had our baby boy? He has been such a joy and blessing in our family. It is fun to have a little boy, although I am not sure about all this play fighting and superhero characters. Sean loves transformers, superhero's, playing pretend, wrestling with dad and playing with his big sisters. He keeps us all laughing with the funny things he says. He makes my heart melt when he tells me "Mom your the best Mom". Happy 4th Birthday Sean! We Love you!

Our Handsome Boy!

Sean with his sisters & cousins (It was fun to have them here from CA!)

Sean blowing out his candles. It was a transformer cake and it took Mom about 5 hours to do the night before (not so sure I'll be doing that again).


Julie said...

wow! already? Time does fly, Happy Birthday Sean!

The Curtis Family said...

He is such a cutie! Happy Birthday Sean! Hopefully we will see you soon!

melissa said...

Fun to hear from you on the 'ol blog! I love when kaden says you came to "his" class or he sat or played with kaylee!

Happy birthday to your baby. Why do they have to grow so fast? I can't figure that one out.