Saturday, November 28, 2009

Brynlee is 8!!

On November 6th Brynlee celebrated her 8th Birthday. I can't believe my little girl is 8! How did that happen? Brynlee had a birthday party with friends at our home. They made stick horses out of old levis. It was fun but a bit of work (for Mom)! We are so greatful to have Brynlee in our family. She is a great help with her brother and sister. She loves to goof off with friends, dance, sing and draw. We hope she has a wonderful 8th year!

On Saturday, November 28th Brynlee was baptized by her dad! It was a wonderful day and it was nice to share it with family and friends. She didn't even seem nervous. Brynlee was able to get baptized with one of her best friends, Julia Anderson. Brynlee's Grandma Willis gave a talk on Baptism and Brynlee played a duet on the piano with her piano teacher. Her Grandpa McPheeters, Uncle Zac, Von Anderson, Bishop Hansen & Colby Hill stood in the circle as her dad confirmed her. We are so proud of Brynlee and her decision to get baptized and her example to our family.

Brynlee's Baptism dressed was made by our good friend Kelly. Brynlee helped pick out the material and pattern. She looks beautiful!