Sunday, May 31, 2009

Proud Parents-MAY

We had many recitals and end of year programs in May that Brynlee and Kaylee were involved in. We are so proud of them and their accomplishments. Kaylee finished preschool-with mom-and even participated in both morning and afternoon preschool graduations. She has been quite the trooper coming to all 3 of my preschool classes this past year. She is excited to start Kindergarten!
Kaylee and classmates doing the "Tooty Ta"!

Brynlee started piano last fall and she has picked up on it quite quickly and loves to play. She did a great job at her first piano recital. She didn't even seem nervous. I hope she keeps up her love for the piano. Brynlee also recieved an award at school called the "Soaring Eagle Award". She had to pass of 15 (out of 20) requirements including things like; writing her own poem, giving an animal report, playing the piano for her class, a science experiment, 6 hours of service (she helped mom with preschool), passing off addition facts etc;. She loves the trophy she got and although we had to sit on the gym floor for the awards ceremony it was fun to see her get up on stage to recieve it. Way to go Bryn!