Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

It is hard to believe Christmas is here. What a wonderful time of year. We are so blessed to have a healthy, happy family to share this time with and celebrate our Savior. Since I didn't give "Funk family update" letter with my Christmas cards (I was lucky to evan get the cards out) I thought I would give a brief update here:

Brynlee is 7 years old and in first grade. She has made great improvement on her reading these past few months and we are very proud of her. She is still taking dance and started up piano lessons in September, which she is doing very well in (however, I will be greatful when we don't have to hear "Up on the House Top" played 20 times a day and we move on to a new favorite song). She loves to play with friends, draw and play school. Brynlee is a great big sister and helper to Mom and Dad.

Kaylee is 4 years old. She attends "mom's" preschool -all 3 classes (she has no excusses not to be ready for Kindergarten) and does very well. She also enjoys her dance class. She loves to play with friends and her brother & sister, she love to do puzzles and play computer. Kaylee adores our new cat Krystal and it doesn't bother her that I find a new scratch mark on her daily (the cat does put up with a lot).

Sean is 2 (will be 3 in February) and is growing so fast. It is fun to have a boy! He loves animals and he loves pretending to be them. He is still very much a mommy boy, which has it good and bad points. He attends the 3 year old preschool class and enjoys playing with the other boys.

Patrick and Amy are doing well and stay busy keeping up with these 3. Patrick just started a new position (still with the State of Utah) up at the Capital and is enjoying it. Patrick also enjoyed having season tickets to BYU football and he is the Sunday School President in our ward. Amy is teaching 3 preschool classes (total of 25 students and 2 kids) in our home and really enjoys it and hope to continue it. She also has continued to be the Administrative Assistant for a non profit state early childhood organization and is Secretary in the Primary.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Love the Funks

Thanks to Jen for taking our family pictures!